Homes for Mothers


Project New Start offers homes for single and teenage mothers. We provide a clean, Christian enviroment, along with partenting education. We have the Hannah House 1, and the Hannah House 2.

Please call us at 870-523-8413 if you need help.

The Hannah House 1

The Hannah House is a home for mothers and their children. We are now offering a home that will allow these  mothers a chance to have their children and become the mother we know they can be. This home will provide a safe, stable, Christian, and loving environment.  The Hannah House will equip these young mothers to be able to obtain employment and be able to have the opportunity to get on their feet again. God has a purpose and plan for everyone.  We want to give these mothers, who have been off on the wrong paths and made bad decisions a chance to turn their lives around and give their children the lives they deserve through Jesus Christ. They will be able to fulfill their potential and be all that they can. There is a place of a better tomorrow, and here at the Hannah House we want to offer that. Through Godly principals and bibical teachings, our vision  is to see each woman and child become happy, healthy, and whole.


The Hannah House 2

hannahhouse2sideview3-225x300The Hannah House 2 is the second transitional home we have opened up to house women and their children.  It has been a vision for our program to provide a safe, caring, and loving environment for women and their children who have struggled with addiction, depression, or any other bondages.  The women that live here have completed our treatment program and are now able to transition into this home with their children.  These women are equipped with the opportunity to obtain employment and work towards getting their own home.  It is a true blessing to see these women, who have gotten off on the wrong path and made decisions that negatively affected them and their children, grow and begin to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical change take place in their lives.