Transition Homes


Project New Start offers transition homes that consist of The Hannah House 2, which is for women and The Promise Land, which is for men. These homes serve as a transition for graduates of our drug & alcohol program.

Please call us at 870-523-8413 if you need help.

Hannah House 2

The Hannah House 2 is the second transitional home we have opened up to house women and their children.  It has been a vision for our program to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for women and their children who have struggled with addiction, depression, or any other bondage.  The women that live here have completed our treatment program and are now able to move into this home with their children.  These women are equipped with the opportunity to obtain employment and work towards getting their own home.  It is a true blessing to see these women, who have gotten on the wrong path and made decisions that negatively affected them and their children, grow and begin to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical change take place in their lives.


The Promise Land

After much prayer and seeking God on how we should utilize our Promise Land Home, we opened it in April of 2012 as a transitional home for men. The Promise Land has a live-in house father, Travis Strickland, who is a graduate of our program. Because of his previous addiction problems, Travis understands what these men are going through and is able to help the men residents overcome their struggle with addictions. The home is equipped to house 18 men.  These men transition from our recovery homes into this home either after they have graduated the program or have obtained employment.  While living at the Promise Land, these men are given the opportunity to become stable and learn how to live a productive life without being in bondage from drugs, alcohol, or depression.