Recovery Homes

Project New Start (PNS) is “A Place of Recovery for Men and Women”.

Project New Start is a six month to one year inpatient program where the residents live on the properties of PNS under supervision and are not allowed out of Jackson County unless court ordered. We do random drug testing on all residents in the program. All residents do a one page assessment before they enter into the facility. All residents are advised of the requirements and the per-requisites expected of him or her before they enter into our facility. As a resident of PNS, they agree to abide by all the rules and regulations noted by signature of agreement.  Once the resident has been released to come to our facility, they will need to notify us. The client will need to call 24 hours in advance to make sure there are beds still open. If a resident does not come straight to PNS once they are released from jail then they will not be accepted. Everyone released from jail must come straight to PNS. Residents are responsible for transportation between jail and PNS facility. Residents must get with jail facility to get approved transportation. If you are interested in entering into our facility please contact us.

 Esther House

easter house recovery home New Port, Arkansas

When we first began praying about opening a drug and alcohol recovery program in Arkansas, we made the initial decision to not open a women’s facility. Yet after much prayer, we decided to open a facility for women.  On October 23, 2006, the Esther House became our first women’s recovery home and was dedicated on October 31, 2006. Since we first opened, we have relocated the women’s home from the building we built in 2006 to a larger, 2 story apartment building. Within the complex, it holds four apartment buildings that house different women for different needs.  On the front of the Esther House are posted the Ten Commandments for everyone to see. The Esther House has a live-in house mother, Cassi Strickland, who is a graduate of our program. Because of her previous addiction problems, Cassi understands what the women are facing and is able to help the women residents overcome their battle with drug and alcohol problems.  The Esther House is able to house a total of 28 residents and staff.  Each day, the women residents start the day with a life skill class led by greatly appreciated women volunteers from Newport and the surrounding communities.  After the morning life skills classes, the women work on various community projects and other assignments. At 7:00p.m. each night, the women attend an evening life skill class.  Some of the women residents are involved with monthly nursing home ministry, bringing a kind smile and encouraging words to the elderly at local nursing homes. It truly is a blessing to see these women rebuild their family ties with their husbands and children and become all that God has for them to be. The women in the Esther House learn that by dedicating their lives to God, they can be delivered from the destruction that is caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

Gideon House

gideon house recovery center New Port, Arkansas

The Gideon House was originally built in 2006 and was dedicated to the Lord on October 31, 2006 as our first women’s drug and alcohol recovery home. Presently, the Gideon House is being utilized as our men’s drug and recovery home as our women residents have moved to a separate building. The men begin each day with life skill classes taught by greatly appreciated community volunteers. During the work week, the men are assigned to various community or PNS work assignments such as helping the city of Newport. As Gideon defeated the enemies of Israel through following the Lord, our men are taught they can be delivered by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior! They can overcome any problems or obstacles they are facing.  The men in the Gideon House come from all different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common, the desire to change their lives through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.