Where God is Changing Lives

Project New Start (PNS) is a 501 (3) © non-profit corporation that is based on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 25, which tell us to “clothe the naked, feed the hungry, take in the stranger and visit those who are sick and in prison”. We focus on being a “Place of Recovery Where God is Changing Lives.”  Our ministry began by reaching out to the drug addicted as well as feeding many who are hungry.  As Christians, we are “God’s Hands and Feet here on earth”. Our mission here is to reach out to all men, women, and children and help them reach their full potential through Jesus Christ. Our Savior has always blessed and allowed our ministries to flourish through the years. Since 2003, we have expanded to the following ministries:


Jail Ministry

Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are incarcerated.


Nursing Home

Sharing God’s love for those who are shut-in.


Community Pride In Action

Volunteers in the upkeep of the streets and neighborhoods of Jackson and Independence Counties.  We do lawn & yard care, carwashes, and more.  We also do fundraisers to help support our various ministries.


Twice as Nice Treasures

A second hand store where all proceeds benefit the Living Water Recovery Center. These are homes for mothers and their children. The store is located at 712B Malcolm Avenue.


Breakthrough Meetings

Life skill classes provides teaching to help overcome addictions, depression, anxiety, or anything that holds you back.


Living Water Recovery Center

Homes for mothers and their children. These homes will provide a safe, stable, Christian and loving environment for mothers and their children. 


Esther House

Women’s recovery home.  This home is designed to help women and expectant mothers recover.


Gideon House

Recovery home for men with fourteen beds. This home  helps men overcome addictions or any types of bondage.


Low Income Chemical Free Living

Low income chemical free apartments for individuals and families that are dedicated to living a drug free life.